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I am a nineteen year old student living in the Bay Area along with my sisters (ages 24&17) and my dog, a stud of a boxer (age 8). I am originally from Nevada City, CA but after spending some time at 4 year in Seattle and not liking it, I didn't want to head back to school in good ol' Nevada County, so I moved to the Silicon Valley, where there is much more going on. I do however miss aspects of Nevada City, including being surrounded by pine trees a good 95% of the time, the historic downtown, and of course, the beautiful Yuba river. I love the outdoors, eating lots of good, healthy foods, and crafting whatever I can get my hands on. At Seattle, I was studying civil engineering, but I am changing my course and thinking about following in my dad's footsteps as a lawyer. But, who knows, I'll most likely change my mind 6 times before I graduate. That's me in a nutshell: I like the sun, eating, math, and crafts. What a combo!

Monday, April 22, 2013

An American Artifact: Reflection

For this first in-class essay, I learned a lot about culture as a whole and how many artifacts make up different aspects of American culture. Overall, I found it interesting how countless man-made items are seen as representing American culture. Before researching and writing on this topic, I thought I understood what culture meant. Now, I see how it plays a vital, yet sometimes unknown, role in life and how many everyday items can be used to describe a huge part of existence. In brief, learning about the subject of culture has caused me to be further aware and notice my surroundings more carefully; it is remarkable that our lives and the way we exist can be seen through technology, music, food, and just about anything else.

This essay pushed me to look a little further, and I did this by observing my surroundings and experiences with more thought. As a reader, I tried to go beyond the text and use what each author was saying as examples in my own life; it was important that I made connections between the script and my being. Equally, as a writer, I too had to dig deeper to ensure my point was getting across to the reader. In order to do so, I used excerpts from my own life and included personal feelings or emotions. Lastly, as a thinker I was required to think of an object that represented culture for Americans as a whole and not just only for myself. 

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