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I am a nineteen year old student living in the Bay Area along with my sisters (ages 24&17) and my dog, a stud of a boxer (age 8). I am originally from Nevada City, CA but after spending some time at 4 year in Seattle and not liking it, I didn't want to head back to school in good ol' Nevada County, so I moved to the Silicon Valley, where there is much more going on. I do however miss aspects of Nevada City, including being surrounded by pine trees a good 95% of the time, the historic downtown, and of course, the beautiful Yuba river. I love the outdoors, eating lots of good, healthy foods, and crafting whatever I can get my hands on. At Seattle, I was studying civil engineering, but I am changing my course and thinking about following in my dad's footsteps as a lawyer. But, who knows, I'll most likely change my mind 6 times before I graduate. That's me in a nutshell: I like the sun, eating, math, and crafts. What a combo!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Letter to Self

Writing has never been my strong suit. I have always known that and accepted it. When it came time to write I would get clammy and anxious and my thoughts would be scattered all over the place. Really, I just thought writing was boring and plain difficult. Yet, over the course of this quarter, as much as I am resisting to say it, I have come to appreciate writing and actually like it. Yes, I still get nervous and a sweat breaks out, but I can now control my thoughts and overall flow of the essay much better. This course has taught me how to control my thoughts, how to organize my thoughts into an essay and to take a breather before I write, because it seems to turn out okay. In addition, I have learned a ton on topics of American culture and I can now see where my actions put me in the spectrum of our culture.

I would call myself a “math person”. I like straightforward answers that are derived based off of logic and formulas. Clearly, writing is not like math. There is much more to writing than simply structure, words, and paragraphs. Thoughts, interpretations, opinions and style were the parts of writing I struggled with because I thought in a black and white world. I think this course allowed me to be confident in my thoughts of others’ opinions, with that came the interpretations, opinions, and style. Writing essays was dooming because I just couldn’t get my words out. I wasn’t appealing to the reader or even to myself. My essays were more like lab reports and lacked deep interpretation and creativity. I think what changed my rigid ways of writing came from the fact that my essays were no longer visible to one reader, a professor, but to many, peers and online readers. This pushed me to take more ownership in my work and to make more of an effort to interpret my thoughts, even though it was difficult. Sentence modification was also super helpful in serving me to generate more thoughtful explanations in my essays. The structure kept my thoughts in order and then allowed me to use the previous thought to continue my analysis.

Not only did I learn a lot about myself as a thinker, I learned a lot about how to organize about many different aspects of American culture. For the first in-class-essay, The Effect of the iPhone on American Culture, I learned about how our culture can be described through items. The iPhone was a great example of this because it demonstrates how connected to technology we are as a culture. The next essay, The Nonconformity Essence of the Hipster Subculture, taught me about how each and every popular subculture has some distinct essence or attitude that ties the group together. And how members of this group act a certain way to maintain this essence. Next, The Transformation of Technology on Human Interaction and Communication, taught me about the positive and negative aspects of technology. But overall, technology has allowed us to live more public lives in the comforts of home. Chrome Cologne by Azzaro: Be a Better Man, taught me how advertisements appeal to our subconscious and how we are drawn to certain elements. This course allowed me to research American culture and see what things have changed and how we are affected.

This class and the steps I took for each assignment changed my way of thinking when it comes to writing and to American culture as a whole. I am happy to say that with a little organization, I can portray my thoughts more clearly and effectively while incorporating style to my essays. As for our culture, I have learned that we all have a choice when it comes to culture and we can take or leave whatever aspects of it as we choose. Both my new thoughts and writing and American culture will help me in the future to write more clearly and be more aware of my thoughts and actions.

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