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I am a nineteen year old student living in the Bay Area along with my sisters (ages 24&17) and my dog, a stud of a boxer (age 8). I am originally from Nevada City, CA but after spending some time at 4 year in Seattle and not liking it, I didn't want to head back to school in good ol' Nevada County, so I moved to the Silicon Valley, where there is much more going on. I do however miss aspects of Nevada City, including being surrounded by pine trees a good 95% of the time, the historic downtown, and of course, the beautiful Yuba river. I love the outdoors, eating lots of good, healthy foods, and crafting whatever I can get my hands on. At Seattle, I was studying civil engineering, but I am changing my course and thinking about following in my dad's footsteps as a lawyer. But, who knows, I'll most likely change my mind 6 times before I graduate. That's me in a nutshell: I like the sun, eating, math, and crafts. What a combo!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Popular Subculture: Reflection

I learned a lot of what it means to be in a subculture while researching for this essay. The key to each subculture is the essence of the group, or what unifies it. This ranged from group to group. For example the essence that unifies punk rockers could be rebelliousness and the, the essence of hippies could be peacefulness, and so forth. As I chose hipsters for my subject, it was difficult to pinpoint an exact essence as the members are non-conformists. I struggled with the choice of my subculture in the beginning because i was unsure if hipsters could even be labeled as a subculture because they do attempt to go against the norm and the members all want to be different from each other. This group is a paradox for this reason alone. Yet, after looking deeper into the hipster lifestyle and the definitions of "subculture" and "essence" I concluded that these "hipster" individuals really do fit in to a subculture because while they do want to be different, the process of wanting to be different essentially unifies them and so similarities are found.

As a writer, I saw my thought process change. My mind was confused and boggled because I couldn't quite make the connection between hipsterdom and the subculture of being a hipster. Before this essay, I would have seen the paradox and given up and would have chose a different subculture to examine. But, I was set on this group, so I wrote my thought out on paper and used diagrams to see if I had enough information to successfully write an entire paper. By doing this, I was able to get all my thoughts out and see that I could write an essay. It changed my entire thought process for writing an essay and for the next essay I write I will be generate a  more concise hypothesis.

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